Many important questions in today’s complex world are not answered simply because they were asked to the wrong people.

The basis for a satisfying answer does not seldom lie in the creation of a connection between a question which has arisen and the person who has the knowledge to be able to answer it extensively and competently. That is exactly where we see the secret of our success, which could easily also be yours.

Consider expond as a partner, which quickly and cost-efficiently delivers either the answer or presents an advisor who is capable of answering the question.

Thereby, it does not only concern non-binding general solutions. The “secrets” in the IT branch have become far too complex to be solved with superficial advice.

  • expond goes into depth
  • Specialists look for the source of your problem
  • In an increasingly complicated world, we offer professional patent solutions at a reasonable price.

And we test our recommendations for suitability before we offer them to the customer. Naturally, we see ourselves as a service provider.

As such, we are very interested in your success – since this is also our success.


After all, an old mercantile saying still applies:

Customer satisfaction is our capital!